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Your safety is our top priority. The following measures are in practice at Madison Square:


Social Distancing

Within Madison Square, practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Signage is installed in all common areas as a reminder to social distance in all common areas in the building.



Women’s Restrooms are open with CDC guidelines posted for proper hand washing.

Men’s Restroom are open with CDC guidelines posted for proper hand washing.



Social distancing signage is installed along with a hand sanitizing station.



Social distancing signage is installed indicating that no more than 2 persons should be in an elevator at a time.



The cleaning services team at Madison Square utilizes a tri-level approach to ensure proper sanitation.


Level 1: Preventative High-touch Point Disinfecting - The first line of defense in an effort to prevent community spread of viruses. Paying particular attention to high-touch point surfaces, SCJohnson TruShotTM Disinfectant cleaner is used on virtually all non-porous surfaces.


Level 2: Detailed Disinfectant Team - Every single touchable surface is disinfected and wiped down by the Disinfectant Team that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Level 2 increases the scope to include all workstations, cubicles, private offices, and electronics.


Level 3: Electrostatic Pandemic Cleaning (strongly recommended if there is a confirmed case in your building) - This service includes all areas/surfaces in Level 1 and Level 2, accompanied with commercial grade electrostatic spraying machines. This misting technology will apply disinfectant to all surfaces, including touchable, untouchable, and unreachable surfaces due to the electrostatically charged particles. The disinfecting solution has a neutral pH making it non-corrosive and non-caustic on surfaces.

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