An historic look back

1911: The Adams School, designed by architect Harrison Albright, was built by the John Roberts Company as the largest and first “modern” school in Phoenix.

1929: Phoenix Madison Square Garden was built as the largest indoor arena in Phoenix, serving as a unique, non-segregated boxing and wrestling venue until the 1950’s when it then became a music venue.

1933: Veterans of Foreign War Post 720 constructed by the Work Progress Administration. Building remain on the property.

1952: The Adams School was renamed to Grace Court School in honor of the school’s former principal Grace Court who served from 1918-1952.

1977: The Grace Court School closed.

1979: Phoenix Madison Square Garden closed and was repurposed as an auto parts warehouse.

2005: Phoenix Madison Square Garden was torn down for the new office building with Garden museum and Grace Court School was repurposed as an office building.

2008: Construction of 100 Seventh and 250 Seventh and an 810 stall parking structure is completed.

2017: The entire project is acquired by KBS/VERUS. Project is renamed to MADISON SQUARE to honor the significant past of this location.










Notable performers at Phoenix Madison Square Garden


Johnny Cash, musician 

Wayne Newton, musician

Marty Robbins, musician

Zora Folley, boxer

John Henry Lewis, boxer

Tito Montez, wrestler

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